Filling Up Empty Bowls

There's nothing better than giving back, but when you are also able to discover new trends and products for yourself it's a bonus!
Not only did I come home from the Empty Bowls event with a beautiful, handcrafted new bowl, I also discovered a company that sells "pantry staples" - pre-measured ingredients that you can easily make up into homemade meals quickly and in a cost-effective manner.
Homemade Gourmet offers meal solutions that make it easy for anyone to whip up a great meal, even if you think you can't cook. They had Lemon Sandwich Cookies at the event, and they were divine! I thought they came from a restaurant and I was thrilled to find out they were something I could make at home.
Fortunately they had one of their catalogs in our goodie-bags along with a sample of their Fire Grilled Salsa Mix so I can get some of the mixes for myself. I'm also anxious to try the salad mixes, especially the Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad mix - it sounds like a perfect meal to enjoy outside on the patio soon.

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